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5 definitions by bigwilliestyle

The million dollar fuck involves giving a girl the most phenomenal sex of her life, often times fueled by alcohol or other substances. It is important to note the the "MDF" cannot be used lightly and often has irrepairable consequences, i.e. girls can never get over the MDF and are likely to fall in love and/or stalk you.
Dub: I was drunk last night and gave Lisa from the bar the million dollar fuck

Dobbs: ok, but i hope your ready to deal with the consequences...
by bigwilliestyle December 13, 2007
During sex on the beach the male slips out his piece, rubs in the sand and reinserts into the unsuspecting vajayjay.
So I was banging this chic on the beach, things were going great but after i gave her the breaded chicken cutlet things got wierd.
by bigwilliestyle December 13, 2007
The hate machine is a term for your Company's internet blocker that won't allow you access to sites you want to visit.
Yes, I got your email but I cant get to that site. Busted by the hate machine again.
by bigwilliestyle January 25, 2008
The hate factory is the mythical workplace of your friends that love to hate on everything.
My buddy Dobbs is good to talk to most of the time, but you don't want to talk to him while he's at the hate factory. He's the CEO and he takes his job way too serious sometimes.
by bigwilliestyle July 22, 2008
The Deuce Factory is your favorite and most comfortable restroom to deuce in at your work. Most often you will hear the room abbreviated for PC purposes. If you work for Crown you would frequent the Crown Deuce Factory or "CDF".
"Dobbs, I had about 10 jagerbombs last night, the CDF (Crown Deuce Factory) was not prepared for what I was bringing this morning."
by bigwilliestyle February 03, 2010