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Jahiem is real. People like this G-Union fear this in a man due to their definition of a \" REAL MAN \". Jahiem has brought back to music what music has lacked since the Ja Rules and the Sisco\'s came out, LYRICAL CONTENT!! What makes Jahiem differ from the rest...1) He\'s LITERATE!! 2) He has the vocal ability to pull you in to his music. 3) and the most important ability in artist, no matter what type of music, CONCEPT. He MAY have a few concepts that are common in the industry, BUT, along with the FIRST two, HE IS UNTOUCHABLE. He has brought back the oldies vibe of that LOVE SONG. He tops THEM ALL. No need for words like \"...thong, tho, tho, tho, thong...\" or having to scream something to be heard. His vocabulary is not as limited as the rest and the sound of his voice is rare. I suggest before anyone decides to post messages as unresearched and, for the lack of a better word, DUMB about an artist at a calibur such as Jahiem, hop in the shower, a couple a times, and peep out the sounds coming out of TILES.
by bigtrish September 27, 2003

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