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Fear of Fear itself
by bigrodMclongdong September 17, 2008
The phobia of ipods
"Hey Sara check out this song by the Jonas Brothers, i put it on my ipod"
" holy shit you have an ipod get it away now I'm serious stop, i have ipodphobia"
by bigrodMclongdong September 17, 2008
Biggest fucking loser at RHS, he has like no fucking friends, always sits at home on his computer playing free online games, cause hes to cheap to buy any good ones at least, and sitting on forums all day, and once hes done with that he jacks off to Naruto hentai that he prints out when his mom isn't home and stashes it under his mattress for easy masturbation, his house his a fucking mess it's smell like the inside of a fucking anus, theres trash everywhere like 3 years old, which is all beyond the point that he will never be laid or get a girlfriend, or kiss a girl EVER!! Because he's too much of a lose and he won't even try or take anyones advice because he's a dumbshit who's pride gets in the way of everything, and it doesn't help the fact that he's ugly and he never takes a shower he has fucking bony ass hands that look like E.T.'s and he doesn't EVEN LIKE PIZZA or raman or easy mac, he is so fucked when he goes to college, screw this rant it would be better if he just didn't exist.
Yeah like this one time Nate actually wrote a whole journal entry in English 10 class about Animal Crossing and his villagers and stuff, it was like a page long and Mr. Dusel was like ok........ NATE BRATCHER IS GAY

by Bigrodmclongdong November 23, 2008

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