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when a male or woman (preferably woman) is licking a mans ass and then reaches around and gives him a hand job
last night millie gave me a rusty trombone
by bigrich September 20, 2003
something u say to someone when their in a bad mood. Kinda like saying did u wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
Gzz man, who shit in your cereal?
by bigrich September 20, 2003
The feeling(s) of having unconditional love for and towards one another. The ultimate joy life has to offer.

I have no idea what these other people are talking about how you can't achieve it on drugs. Taking LSD was one of, if not the greatest experience of my life. Understanding what it means to trip, that's how I learned what life is all about loving one another unconditionally.
Taylor how high are you? Hey, I'm just high on life.
by Bigrich June 30, 2015
gang slang to put a hit on someone
That snitch has officially been put on the menu.
by BigRich June 04, 2013
A female's large posterior, a big booty.
From the spanish slang "tumba-burro", meaning donkey dropper, better known as a car bumper.
Damn, did you see the tumba on that female?
by bigRich January 12, 2005
Spanish slang for a female's vagina.
Jenny let me eat her torta last night.
by bigRich January 12, 2005
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