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A name commonly used for girls. Most Julia's are really sweet and nice, always being sensitive towards others feelings. Can be very shy when first met, but once you open up to her, she is the life of the party and has an amazing sense of humor! Usually has flawless skin and a beautiful face that can light up a room. Julia's are commonly very artistic and amazing dancers, actresses and singers. Almost always top notch at sports! Has a great sense of style and beautiful hair. A natural leader who attracts hot guys without even trying and makes great new friends easily. Julia's are always loyal to friends, but sometimes can't help but gossip about them every so often! Though sometimes easily irritable, she won't show it unless she wants to. Gorgeous body, huge boobs and a nice butt that leaves men wanting more! The definition of a perfect girlfriend. The envy of all girls. Try getting to know a Julia sometime, you won't regret it!
Wow! did you see that sexy girl over there? she HAS to be a julia.
by bigmomma1995 November 26, 2011
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