3 definitions by bigmike

Some good christian people with strong faith shouldn't know about.
Vulgarity isn't a bad thing.
by bigmike April 27, 2004
In skateboarding: to make the board spin 360 degrees in the action called a varial while it also flips all the way around one or more times in the action of a kick-flip. Also called a 360 kick-flip varial.
He did a nice boardflip down 4 stairs. In North Kildonan, Winnipeg we call the 360 kick-flip varial a boardflip since the 90s.
by BIGMike September 30, 2014
lame, weak, not good, not strong, not hot, easy,
His excuse is weaksauce. His run in X games was so weaksauce. Like after you watch someone do a 540 Mctwist but they sucked at it you say, "Weaksauce."
by BIGMike September 30, 2014

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