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A person who lies, cheats, steals, and acts like a Bluff Sandwich. Can be applied to anyone/thing.
Jim: Man, last night that bitch was on my nuts!
Tom: Shut up Nigga, you a Bluff Sandwich!

Would you like peanut butter with that bluff sandwich, bitch?
by BigMC March 01, 2005
Nickname for the hoodest part of CT, Hartford
Yeah kid I'm from da beat
by bigmc February 22, 2005
Acute rhinitis brought on by excessive nasal consumption of cocaine, euphemistically referred to as a "media cold" due to the prevalence of this recreational drug among journalists and television types. Synonymous with columbian flu.
"Bless you. Hayfever?"
"No, I've got a terrible media cold but don't tell my boss."
by bigMc May 07, 2005
Dat nigga MC, a pimp with all the ladies.
Yo, I was walking down the hallway and Doyle was acting like Big MC.
by BigMC March 01, 2005
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