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6:25pm«biggie » lotox ur a fucking noob loser b!tch ass losers
a h4xx0r on UnKnoWnCheaTs!!! w00t w00t!
by biggie September 21, 2004
As in a "COLD ONE" or "THE PROPERTY OF ONES" somthing i picked up on my travels with Strongbad in Cancun
I had a "COLD ONE" last night, it was a good buuurr!"
by Biggie June 18, 2003
My Best Friend!!
Our little Lickfest is growing up SOO fast!!
by Biggie June 12, 2003
The fear of impending doom associated with parinoia common in post-moderism.
He was hospitalized when his Budda Budda caused him to become psycotic.
by Biggie November 20, 2003
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