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Leviathan is the highest level a man can reach. It takes influence from Thomas Hobbes theory of the state of nature and how we must submit ourselves to a higher power 'The Leviathan' The term is reserved for a select few special individuals. These men usually have unparalleled martial arts ability, the ability to satisfy any woman or animal, a flaccid penis that could touch the end of a pint glass, have released a number of power ballads or grime songs, have played in the African cup of nations etc. It would be wrong to think you have to be black to be a Leviathan, but it helps.
1. who's that over there? Its Lethal Bizzle. Wow hes such a leviathan.

2. Could you imagine showering with the ivory coast team, i no i couldn't even get to a bottom of a half pint glass, they are such leviathans

3. Bruce Willis is a white leviathan
by bigchrisd123 January 11, 2012

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