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There seems to be a misconception concerning the forming of a dingleberry and whether toilet paper is actually part of said dingleberry. A dingleberry is simply a rogue particle of shit that mysteriously attaches itself to a butt hair. Toilet paper only becomes involved in attempting to remove the offending turd. One first notices a dingleberry after crapping & feeling an odd "tug" on ones butt hair. Then the person wiggles back and forth making the dingleberry go side to side hitting the butt cheeks like a striker hitting a church bell.
That was the biggest dingleberry since Kato Kalin
by bigbobp September 24, 2008
The perfect fart begins with a high pitch, and ends just seconds later with a thunderous baritone.
Honey, Dont be ashamed of that, it was the perfect fart. I should be so proud.
by bigbobp July 10, 2011
Having the confidence beforehand that the upcoming fart is dry and void of any and all soft turd matter, thereby allowing you to give it that extra "oomph" for maximum fart effect.
Wow, that was a nice one. Its nice to have such a confident fart, it doesnt happen very often.
by bigbobp July 18, 2011

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