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a term originating in State College, Pennsylvania, when two people tend to talk to each other, either in a sexual or casual manner, on a regular basis or all the time, often in public, to a point where it seems like they are making up for having sexual intercourse by talking to each other
dude 1: look at that dude and that chick over there, they talk to each other like that at this exact time every single day
dude 2: ya dude that's called speech fucking.
dude 1: i wonder when the school will make a rule forbidding that
dude 2: who knows
by bigbadbarbash March 10, 2011
when a prankster calls up a pizza parlor and orders one or more (preferably a large and expensive amount) pizzas with their cell phone with a restricted number, giving another person's address to the pizza parlor so that the victim will unexpectedly find a pizza delivery boy with pizza and a very large bill

Dude 1: dude i just got like 15 pizzas delivered to my house with a bill totaling 300 bucks. I didn't even order any pizza what the fuck!?

Dude 2: dude you just got a bunch of prank pizzas
by bigbadbarbash April 27, 2011

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