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2 definitions by bigLLLLL

A drinking game which requires a wiffle ball bat with the end of the barrel cut off. The "batter" then holds the hole at the bottom of the bat (not the end you cut off) while the "pitcher" pours a beer (or two) into the bat. The batter then drinks the beer out of the bottom of the bat and upon finishing must put one end of the bat on the ground and his head on the other and spin a minimum of three times. After spinning the pitcher then immediately pitches the empty beer can to the batter. If the batter does not make any contact with the can he/she must immediately go again.
Friend: "God damn Kyle, why is your head bleeding?"

Kyle: "beerzooka accident"
by bigLLLLL June 10, 2009
A 36-pack of beer. A combination of a cube (a 30-pack of beer) and a six pack of beer. Sold in virtually all grocery stores these days.
-"I am going to pick up some beer. How much should I get?"

-"Get a cubix, I am trying to get this night going and you know it will get drank."
by bigLLLLL June 16, 2009