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short for Six paper joint
wtf is that?
its supposed to be a spj but the glue didnt stick right and now its fucked
by big ball swellington August 11, 2006
being so overwhelmed with pussy it is like a buffet or a smorgisbord of pussy
when there is a wide selection of pussy that you can dip into without commitment coming in all different flavors textures colour and smells
dis party was a pussy smorgisbord with all them clams up in that piece
by Big Ball Swellington August 13, 2006
a way of making hash by freezing a glass bud buster and freezing your buds for a while then busting your weed up in the frozen bud buster. you then take out your weed and you scrape out the thc crystals condensed on the glass buster with your fingers and forming a ball then smoke te shit.
trailer park hash is a handy way to get a good smokin goin
by big ball swellington August 07, 2006
a rock of crack cocaine
man im about ready to lite up the c rock
by big ball swellington August 07, 2006
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