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the best movie of all time produced in 1995 starring Ice Cube and Chris tucker(Craig and smokey)about two friends who smoked the weed that smokey (Chris Tucker) was suppose to sell for a drug dealer named big worm and owe him 2oo dollars they get shot at by big worms associates.but get away. Craig (Ice Cube) likes his sisters friend which gets beat by a big guy named deebo who likes to use his size to manipulate and force people to give him there money and jewelry and use them to help him still money from people Craig winds up beating the hell out of him at the end and finally dates his sisters friend.
dude one-yo have you ever seen Friday
dude two-yeah dawg thats the best movie of all time
by big Chad February 10, 2008
Kenan and Kel is a t.v. show that ran from July 15 1996 to April 1 2000 totaling 61 episodes the show is about two best friends Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell they always get into trouble and trying to find a way out of it. kenan Rockmore is the smarter of the two but never does any school work and always has a plan and convinces Kel to join him.Kel Kimble is the dimwitted and clumsy one of the two he loves orange soda he spends most of his time at kenans house cause his parents are rich scientists and are always gone. the two have been in two duo movies (two heads are better than none) and (good burger)you can catch kenan and kel on THE N weeknights at 8:00 PM even though it is kind of a children's show i love to watch it.
KENAN- who loves orange soda???

KEL-K-K-K-Kel loves orange soda..."

KENAN- is it true???

Kel-Mmm Hmm i do,i do,i do,i do-oooo!"

kenan and kel
by big Chad April 20, 2008
all above who are hating on the ninja turtles are just jelose.the ninja turtles are four turtles who were created by a secret type of ooze and trained by a rat name splinter trained in karate to save people from the foot clan thats run by shredder. they get there names from artists Michelangelo,Leonardo,Donatello,and Raphael,Leonardo is the leader
1 hey who is the ninja turtles

2 Are u kiddin me, the ninja turtles are the best heros in the world
P.S.- all haters above are gay and just jelouse of the ninja turtles.

(COWABUNGA) haters
by big Chad February 13, 2008
suppose to be (MUSIC TELEVISION) but usually just shows hrs and hrs of rap videos such as sucker free, and shows like real world, true life, and road rules,and is not living up to the name music television. it should be called rap television. the only good show i like on mtv is (rob and big) other than that everything else on mtv sucks.
dude 1- did u watch mtv today
dude 2- yep just a bunch of sucker free
by big Chad February 18, 2008
(GYNORMOUS)the combination of gigantic and enormous meaning really big
dude 1- hey bro look at that chick over there
dude 2- WOW look at those tittys there Gynormous
by big Chad February 14, 2008
lol all these ppl talkin bout push it to the limit being rick ross's song they need to educate there selfs before they start posting they bullshit on the web and making everyone else dumber push it to the limit was a song by a pop musician named paul engemann the song was released in 1983 and was remade by rick ross in 2006 this is what happens when good songs like push it gets remade ppl tend to forget about the original versions which is better and start listining to the newer versions of artists who cant come up with there own shit and have to steal others shit to make it in the music industry
paul engemanns original version not rick ross's shitty version

(Push it to the limit
Walk along the razor's edge
but don't look down, just keep your head
and you'll be finished
Open up the limit
past the point of no return
You've reached the top but still you gotta learn
how to keep it
Hit the wheel and double the stakes
throttle wide open like a bat out of hell
and you crash the gates
(crash the gates)
Going for the back of beyond
Nothing gonna stop you
there's nothing that strong
So close now you're nearly at the brink
so, push it(Ooo yeah)
Welcome to the limit(The limit)
Take it maybe one step more
The power game's still playing so
you better win it
Push it to the limit
(The limit)
With no one left to stand in your way
you might get careless, but you'll never be safe
while you still feel it

Welcome to the limit
(The limit)
Standing on the razor's edge
don't look down just keep your head
and you'll be finished
Welcome to the limit
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
Push it to the limit
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
Push it to the limit
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit)
(The limit))
by big Chad April 27, 2008
two rap artist from New York city named (Christopher reid also known as kid) and (Christopher martin known as play) popular in the 1980's and 1990's played a duo in house party 1-4. Kid was born in (April 5 1964)and play was born in (july 10 1962)
they even had there own dance called the funky charleston
dude 1- hey do u like kid' n play
dude 2- yeah kid'n play there the best
by big Chad February 18, 2008
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