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What you say to your hoe when you want some head
Talk to the head bitch!
by Big C November 19, 2003
The result of getting a chick to suck your knob after you've poked her up the ass. The fecal remnants still attached to your dong will feel like cookie batter in her mouth, complete with the odd peanut or kernel of corn.
Amy had a sweet tooth, so her boyfriend often rewarded her after anal sex with a surprise cookie-mouth.
by Big C October 24, 2003
1. a disturbing person
2. a way of distorting you lips and saying something
3. and extremely manly girl
You look very tinklish
Tinkaly is so annoying
by Big C March 08, 2005
A mini sasquach or Jermey Heiss
Squachmo (Jermey Heiss) smells like rank ass.
by Big C December 10, 2004
Short form for "cunt-gut." Basically it's when a woman's stomach, or gut, starts under her breasts and extents all the way down to her cunt. Where a regular belly would cut back in at the belt-line, the gunt finishes much lower.
Being only 25, Amy developed her gunt at an early age.
by Big C October 24, 2003
killt means silly,crazy or talking about someone
joe you was so killt when you was talking about that girl
by Big C April 08, 2005
a pair of hooters; boobies
Yo, man, check out them doonies! Those babies be bulgin!
by big c February 17, 2005

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