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An aquatic maneuver in which, whilst swimming under water, the swimmer pulls down their bathing suit and then surfaces only their bare ass (like a dolphin surfacing its dorsal fin) to unsuspecting fellow swimmers and beach-goers. The white-finned dolphin is ideally executed by one with the palest of asses.
"I pulled a white-finned dolphin at the beach today."
#brown-finned marlin #skinny dipping #bare ass #mooning #swimming
by biffrichards July 06, 2006
Exactly the same as the white-finned dolphin, except executed by an individual with a brown ass.
Darnell pulled off a classic brown-finned marlin at the pool today
#white-finned dolphin #ass #brown ass #mooning #swimming
by biffrichards July 06, 2006
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