24 definitions by biddy

Means not going to happen, ever.
Louise: Hey biddy, give me back my hat

Biddy: Never!!!
by Biddy July 04, 2005
A formerly Peer-to-Peer file sharing network, but thanks to the RIAA it has since become legal and the files I download aren't compatible with my iPod
Fuck the RIAA, now I have 1000 songs I can't do anything with. Great.
by Biddy July 16, 2005
A phrase which means "no" or "I'm not doing that"
I say it way too much
Woman: Hey Derek, go pick up grandma from the airport!

Derek: Fuck that
by Biddy July 04, 2005
A cool celebrity magazine. I buy it every week!
Woman on advert: Excuse me, where is your copy of heat magazine?

Magazine seller: Sorry, we're all out

Woman: I see

*woman then procedes to run at man, with a road cone*
by Biddy July 04, 2005
A kick-ass British band, who are very underrated
Just go listen to their album; Vehicles and Animals
by Biddy December 13, 2004
The nickname for my hamster, Charlie
Awwww, Little Amelia is so cute!
by Biddy December 05, 2004
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