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Charvers aren't as bad as people say they are. Especially listening to some of the comments on here. Even though I am not a charver, ALL of my friends are charvers.
Okay, they all wear similar clothes, sports wear, jewellery, stripy jumpers, hiking jackets & boots. But they dont all have the attitude people are making out on here.
Don't tar everyone with the same brush.
I went to high school, 6th form, university and people call me a charver??
I enjoy sitting with my mates drinking cheap cider and having a laugh, especially at the end of the month when my wages are running out and I want to relax.
Fair enough, you can define the way charvers look, but not their attitude to society.
Also, what is wrong with hanging round with a big group of people. Isn't the saying "the more the merrier"?? I like having a big circle of friends.
We dont have a problem with "emo" "goth" "hippy" steretypes. We just have different interests so aren't often seen together.
Also, out of all of my friends, only about 20% of them smoke which is below average compared to the rest of the population.
Although I personally dont wear sports clothes often, I dont see what the big deal is they're comfortable and warm.
Hope this will make even just 1 person think differently about charvers, and then it would have been worth it.
"Stop misinterpreting charvers, please??"

by biasedcharver January 10, 2008

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