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A parking spot that appears to be empty, but as you get closer is filled by a small car or motorcycle.
Chad - "Oh look, there is a parking spot right by the door!"

Brittney - "Damn, phantom parking! A MINI is in the spot!"
by bguiou November 03, 2010
The use of 'CAPS LOCK' to emphasize a written point or thought as though you are yelling it. Often followed with many exclamation points.

Brittning - "Whoa, calm down Kanye. No need to spell yell, it's not a big deal."
by bguiou November 03, 2010
Beer and Alcohol Related Flu
Brittney - "Ugh, I drank so much that I BARF'ed all night long"

Chad - "Sounds like a case of the Beer and Alcohol related flu."
by bguiou November 09, 2010
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