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A small farming town inhabited by 1,200 Bridporters who, generally, own farms and hunt and fish for fun. Often the locaton of rowdy underage drinking parties hosted in the numerous secluded hay fields. Bon-fires are abundent at such gatherings and on the shores of lovely Lake Champlain, which is the western border of this small community. Also to the west there are the Adirondacks which which were once easily accesible by the near by Crown Point Bridge (as seen in the film What Lies Beneath). Now the mountains across the lake are just a distant memory due to the neglect and disrepair brought on by the owners of the bridge (New York State). The community is defined by its cheerfulness and family atmosphere. Pratt's General Store is a trademark in the small town where smiles, a fresh cup of Green Mountain Coffee, and local chatter on the best hunting locations are commonplace. Vermonters through and through, the locals are sometimes hard to understand since "t's" are silent. Bridport is also the only Bridport in the United States, not to be confused with BRIDGEport.
"Ya been ou' ta Bridpor' taday, buddy?"
"Oh, you mean BridporT?"
middlebury, vermont
by bfsm November 23, 2009
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