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A cougar kitten is a "new to the cougar lifestyle" girl in her mid 30's to mid 40's. She's testing the turf with a innocent approach. Mature seasoned to the scene, Cougar Women refer to the younger girls as cougar kittens.
Most boy toys want the experience and the money that comes from a mature, independent Cougar Woman,"she's just a Cougar Kitten."
by bflirty March 09, 2010
Flirty Diva Girl is a woman of mid 20's to mid 40's, Flirty Diva Girls enjoy the party life, clubbing on weekends. She's sexy, flirty, funny and single. Never afraid to be the life of any party she happens to find.Never shy's away from a good time. She's a Flirty Diva Girl and you will find her in anytown, USA. Get ready for some fun when you meet a Flirty Diva Girl
I party all night, and sleep it off by day, I'm a flirty diva girl. Fun is my main objective, and I go to great lengths to find the good time.My friends love me because I'm a flirty diva girl and they know they will have fun hangin' with me.
by bflirty March 07, 2010
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