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Colleen is a very intimidating and special girl. Colleen is no ordinary girl, she is very outgoing but can also be reserved! Colleen can be the sweetest girl you will ever meet! but don't get on her bad side. She can also be very sensitive when she feels offended. Colleen is also very smart and loyal and will stand up for what she believes and isnt afraid to say what she feels! Colleen is also a very good kisser and can get any boy wrapped around her finger! she is very spontaneous and beautiful inside and out! With a name like Colleen, a unique name calls for a unique girl! there is no other girl like Colleen. If you have a relationship with her, dont screw it up. Colleen hates drama and selfishness, she believes in telling the truth and being blunt. whether it hurts of not. she can also be extremely funny and makes just about anyone laugh! she's a popular girl, has lots of friends but keeps her best friends the closest. Everyone pretty much loves her, she's rarely ever hated by anyone! Colleen is interdependent and determined! she does not give. So dont give up on her.
funny intimidating kisser beautiful finger Colleen
by beyondplanetearth July 06, 2012
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