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3 definitions by beyond

Acronym- To tell you the truth
TTYTT, I dont give a damn.
by Beyond November 20, 2003
1) A adjective used to show a great distance between two people or things.
2)The quality of being better than.
1) Steve is so far beyond those pimps.
2)ttytt, Mark is beyond L337
by Beyond February 24, 2004
A sunken city inhabited by Cthulhu, Masters, Germans, Phoenixes, Sandwich makers, and based god Vempyre. It is said that every once in a full moon; Vempyre and his minions come out at night and feed on poor souls to satisfy their lust for Wendy's. R'lyeh The Cathedral will rise from the deep, blue ocean to see fit the world is still in chaos and despair.
R'lyeh will never be forgotten
by beyond October 16, 2013