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a word that is used for defense
you have to say in a very high voice
annoys many people
wards off sexual predators and cripples the penis
warning very dangerous
Guy- hey little girl you want a tan lollipop?
girl-sure what flavor
guy-penissss! suck it or i will kill your family
guy-ahh shit my penis is small and cripple
girl- come any closer and i will make it disappear
girl- chickiloo
#cripple #hag #man #sex #penis #hoebag #dick
by bethanyliz May 24, 2008
a place where scummers go to school and quite a few skanks and is famous for sucking at almost every sport
JV games sofball 15-0 in five innings
yes you suck
Glens Falls sucks at sports
#fat #sucks #scummers #stuck #up
by bethanyliz May 24, 2008
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