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noun; the altered way that people behave when in an online setting, such as a chat room; alter-ego behavior online
Out of line with her usual demure comportment, elaine_a_go_go cursed at herbert2000 in a classic display of jekyll-and-hyde e-havior.
by bethany_is_falling July 22, 2009
technotroglodyte; noun; a person who is not up to speed with the latest technology.
Example: When Sydney asked her father for a macintosh for her birthday, the technotroglodyte gave her a piece of fruit.
by bethany_is_falling October 31, 2009
snoozic (snoo zik): noun. the genre of music often played in elevators, waiting rooms, and on telephone hold lines.
While waiting for her dentist appointment, Mary fell asleep to the nonstop snoozic playing just over her nodding head.
by bethany_is_falling August 08, 2010

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