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Racine, Wisconsin located between Milwuakee, WI and Chicago Ill. Home of Kringles, Rocky Roccoco pizza, LaTapatia, Mexico Lindo-where you can't get extra sauce, peppers, cheese or ice!, Ferarro's pizza, bratwursts, Wells Brothers Pizza, Kewpees, and Vipers. Also home to the King of the city - Sam Johnson n them, along with the S.C. Johnson Wax store where you can get Glade Plug-Ins and other SC Johnson Wax products for 30 cents.

It has the absolute crunkest prom of any city in the US! Prom is a city-wide event where every school celebrates on the same day and has one big after party complete with a parade, tv crews and red carpet downtown on the lake. The best show starts around 7pm at Park High School.

The public school district outshines most urban districts in the country but the job market in the city is nonexistent.

This city coined the phrase *Neighborhood Superstar*
1."Man, I'm in a new city, where's the best place to eat?"
---"Dude, you're so Racine."

2."Man, this prom is WEAK. Everybody's in limos? Where are the city busses, fire trucks, horses, drop tops on 24's, Escalades, Bentleys, and Chevys with the butterfly doors??? Are we even on tv?"
--"Dawg, that's so Racine."
by best_bet July 15, 2008
Root word, googa mooga.

Synonyms, WOW, Whoa, dang!

Origin, somewhere in the deep south; 18th century
GAL "Sir, here's your tripple cheese burger with extra cheese, extra meat, extra bacon, extra sauce, extra onions, extra eggs, extra onion rings, extra tomatoes, extra peppers, and extra pickles from Burger Monster where yes, it's bigger than your head cuz that's just how we do!"

GUY "Good googly moogly!"
by best_bet July 15, 2008
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