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the original White Chocolate Amenity, usually made of cocaine. can be cut with natural fruit flavors such as coconut or pain killers
I am fiending for that pineapple WCA right now
by bertsbot92109 November 10, 2008
any neighborhood where there are four definite party houses that seemingly form a diamond or rhombus shape when you're drunk. you can always crash at any of the four points and often times the partiers live within the legs.
"Where are we going to party tonight?"
"The rhombus is throwing a rager!"
"Which point on the rhombus?"
"Pink house on the north"
"Sweet, I hate crashing there though, so i'll probably crash at one of the other points"
by bertsbot92109 September 06, 2009
When you are so angry that you want to break something, but you don't want to make a mess, so you decide to throw an elephant (or any other animal) toy/figurine against the wall to release anger
"Dude, did you hear how Kaeding threw the Charger game?" - Bert

"Yeah, I was so pissed, I was throwing elephants!" - Andy
by bertsbot92109 January 20, 2010
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