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The act of trying to read your morning newspaper on a bumpy train or commuter bus.
I tried to read my morning newspaper but the train was so bumpy I could only focus on every other word - I was stutter-reading.
by Bennzz61 May 08, 2009
The ability to add a photo to a scrapbook.

A photo that has good color for scrapbooking.
Tracie: Oh darn, David is playing on his green bass guitar.

Bennie: You don't like his green bass?

Tracie: Sometimes it's too dark and blends into the background. It's not scrapbookable.
by bennzz61 January 20, 2011
Hair that's long enought to pull back into a pony tail.
My friend Carol told my hair dresser she can cut off a decent amount of hair as long as it's still pony tailable.
by bennzz61 January 20, 2011
When a co-worker has a bowl of chocolate on their desk that more people stop at and comment on than another co-worker has at their desk.
Did you see how Mary jumped up to see what kind of chocolate Camile had after the EVP stopped and commented on it? You know she'll buy it for her desk next week because she has chocolate envy.
by bennzz61 January 24, 2010
The feeling one gets having to sit next to a person (woman) who loves wearing bangle bracelets that go jingle-jangle, clang against the desk and keyboard all day long and sounds like a dog with tags when they walk (and run) up and down the hall - all day long!
The nut-job in the desk next to me is wearing noisy bracelets galore again today - I'm in bangle Hell!
by bennzz61 July 28, 2010
When a commuter is napping on the train or bus and their head bobs around with every bump and sharp turn or stop.
Everyone on the train were bobble head commuters with their heads bobbing left and right in unison in mid naps.
by Bennzz61 June 22, 2009

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