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The best rapper of all time. There is only 3 you know, Pac, Nas, and Big. Its true. fuck anyone who thinks different.
"R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G."
by Benny February 04, 2004
The first and most popular sport in the world. The National Sport of every country in the known world (exept USA and Canada) No other sport can surpass this game.
Soccer is my favorite sport, and the same goes for the whole freakin world!
by Benny March 09, 2005
Sweat, accumulating on a female's pussy.
I went down on her and was overcome by nasty swussy.
by benny February 17, 2004
A delcious fruity red candy

Unless your named ben and live in new york. Then its a real fish.
Normal Perosn says," Get me some swedish fish to eat for the movie."

Ben says, " Did you see how fast that swedish fish swam?"
by Benny March 09, 2006
Un Mot Quebecois , Utiliser en tant que ''Sacre''
Toé mon Caliss Ma te Calisser Une Caliss de Voler
by Benny December 15, 2004
A girl who the only way you'd have sex with them is if they wore a paper bag on their head. See also one bagger, two bagger, or three bagger
Cohort A: That girl has a nice body, but what a nasty face
Cohort B: Yep, definitely a paper bagger.
by Benny October 10, 2004
a term used for fucking a fat chick
"You hit that? She's like 350!"
"Yeah, but sometimes you gotta go hoggin'"
by Benny March 29, 2004

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