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The noticeable presence of breasts. Could be because of the size, exposed cleavage or large number of noticeable breasts in a particular place.
The truth is, of course that all boobs rule, (well, not man-boobs); be they big, small, fake or strangely shaped. The world would be a better place if all girls embraced their boobage. Set them free ladies. Set them free.
Jake: Man, check out the boobage on the dancefloor!
Jimmy: Dude, I've been staring since we got here!
Jake: Boooooobs...
by benjiboy January 27, 2005
Slang for a wanker,(who may or may not also be a dog). It's very apt because it fuses the words "cock" and "spank" while triggering the amusing visual of a cocker-spaniel dog.
"If you were a dog, you'd be a cocker-spankiel!"
by benjiboy January 11, 2005
A smaller sized beer stubbie, about 200ml or so. The benefit in the smaller size is that they don't go warm before you get to the bottom. Added bonus; they make your hands look HUGE!!!
Jake: Man, I hate warm dregs.

Jimmy: Dude, you need to throw down a VB throwdown!

Jake: Yeah, oh hey look! There's an Emo boy in cosplay! Let's go beat him up!

Everyone else in the room: Yeah!!!!
by benjiboy January 26, 2005
Skinny, efeminate girly-boys who dress in black a lot. If you're lucky, one of them may even have a studded dog-collar round his neck. They look like piss-weak goths; aren't even strong enough to get THAT right. Laughable attempt at "individuality" by dressing and acting towards a pre-existing code-- at least goths listen to cool music!
John: "Dude, I accidently knocked that Emo bitch over and he was so weak he apologized to me!"
Jake: "Mother.... Let's smash the bitch!"
Everyone else in the room: "YEAH!!!!"
by benjiboy January 06, 2005
Fancy Dress at a comic/anime/sci-fi convention. Labelled "cosplay" because the participants know exactly how stupid it is to be playing fancy dress-up games at their age, and calling it something else throws civillians of the track for a while.
Jake: Hey man, do you wanna dress up in wacky zany crazy fancy-dress attire at the next anime convention?

Jimmy: You mean like those stupid cosplay freaks?

Jake: yeah...

Jimmy: ...no
by benjiboy March 23, 2005

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