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big fat peepee. Ok time to analyze.
Big: Substantial in size
Fat: Plump, well filled out
PeePee: Male reproductive organ (baby making machine part 1)
Put'em together and you get a sizable well filled out male reproductive organ. Damn if you needed the urban dic for this I suggest you finish elementary school.

Also used as an insult many times adding "head" to the end.
Oh shit. I was at the stalls the other day and being the stupid gay fuck that I am I looked over at the guy next to me and I noticed that he had a big fat peepee! Man, girls would get pregnant just looking at that thing!

In an insult:
Hey what kind of big fat peepee head are you? Only a big fat peepee pushes other kids off the swings!
by Benji June 25, 2004
Keystie is a slang term for the college drink of choice aka Keystone Light. A 30 pack of Keystone Light is also know as the "dirty thirty." Keysties provide help during awkward silences and break the tension. The Keystone Ice brand is the strongest form of this product
"Hey you suss pass me some Keysties."

"Dude, I got trashed from a dirty thirty of Keysties last night."
by Benji January 20, 2005
This term describes the behavior of a program that malfunctions and goes catatonic, but doesn't actually crash or automatically close.
this app is off the trolly
by benji March 27, 2005
A word to define someone for whom the word "jackfuck" does not do his/her true description justice
"Neil, you...you...fuckjack."
by Benji December 11, 2004
better than bling bling
I gots the blung blong homeslice.
by benji September 15, 2004
Most talented Counter-Strike alive today.
He is in clan #destinatus // www.destinatus.com
Past clans: Syndicate, Fatal Error, Gen'i
"OMG ACED d00d !! better GO MAKE MOVIE OUTTA THAT@!_@!*$&@"
"zphN cAN u SIGN My PAD??!!@*(#!"
by Benji March 13, 2004
1) cool, awesome, or any other comparable word.
2) the most superior use of the adjective, sweet.
Dude, I just saw Fight Club. That is the most superheavy movie I have ever seen.
by Benji May 07, 2004

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