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pronounced sawn-yuh. a girl, often of germanic descent, with a complex that everything is, in fact, better in germany. sonjas are easily frightened by loud noises, poorly made horror films, and ants, and when caught off guard, will fall to the floor in a neat pile and languish there until someone offers to pick her up. sonjas are often anal retentive, making them excellent scientists and frequenters of the chemistry department of the local university. sonjas are brutally honest, caffeine addicts who like to randomly burst into old school country songs and christmas carols. a sonja is also wonderfully talented at making interestingly grotesque, yet humorous facial expressions. common nicknames include: sonj (sawnj) and svonya
your friend: so i totally got a 89 on my biochem test. my life as a research scientist is over!
you: .....quit being such a sonja

you: boo!
your friend: ::falls to the floor and starts crying::
you: hahaha! you just pulled a sonj.
by benabammer November 12, 2007

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