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A block of ice that has a curving channel carved out of it. The block rests at an angle so that a beverage, typically beer, will travel down through the channel into the mouth of a happy drinker.
Last night was insane. I think I had about 6 beers from the ice luge alone. Good times.
by ben October 06, 2003
a hott bitch
shaida iz fit
by Ben September 20, 2003
Anime series on Adult Swim

The only anime I actually like. Unlike most others, it has a respectable storyline and believable characters, even if the dialogue is a little awkward in places.
Were Jesus not dead, he's watch Wolf's Rain every day at 1 a.m.
by Ben November 30, 2004
To leave or exit or evacuate the scene/premises
yo im bout to peel, this party is wack
by ben May 15, 2003
To be screwed over, usually financialy
those bastards have rooked me out of £50
by ben October 28, 2003
a pleasure tool for women, a dildo that vibrates
"that vibrator feels good."
by Ben February 08, 2003
www.dickcream.com is the greatest funny website ever.
"Ted Check our the new dick cream"
by Ben March 23, 2005

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