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Belmont University is a small liberal arts college in Nashville. Kind of shadowed by Ivy-Leaguey Vanderbilt, Belmont has become more well known thanks to the Presidential Debate in 2008. Formerly associated with the Baptist Convention, Belmont is now simply "Christian," and the students hear all kinds of Jesus stuff at every waking minute and there are over-the-top Christian rules (such as outlawing "all homosexual behavior"). However, slowly but surely, the student body is being invaded by indie hipsters, birkenstock-wearing tree-huggers, vegetarians, and gays who live at artsy hangout Bongo Java when they aren't in class or going to awesome parties. There's music playing everywhere you go, and while some of it is Christian or country, again, that whole part of the campus is very slowly getting snuffed out. In a few years, Belmont will be a school where even the Jesus-freaks are weed-smoking vegan anti-war ralliers (just don't tell that to the administration).
Person #1: I was going to apply to Belmont University, but I heard it was really Christian.
Person #2: Well, I go to Belmont, and we throw paper wads and spitballs at the Christians in my class. MUAHAHAHA.

Sad Christian pastor: What happened to Belmont University? It used to be doing God's holy work.
Hippie Belmont musician: Dude... you need to mellow out. Seriously. Take a hit of this (hands him joint).

Angry Belmont Bible major: BELMONT IS GOING TO HELL.
Hipster Belmont English major: That sounds awesome.
Angry Bible: You need Jesus.
Hipster: Hahahahahahahahahaha save it for sunday school, Billy Graham.
by belmont hipster August 30, 2009

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