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Fascist Meanie Poo-Poo Head.

Found on forums, sometimes but not necessarily always pagan-oriented. Usually followed by a flounce.
What do you mean, I can't be a solitary self-initiated eclectic Wiccan-shaman-druid? You're all a bunch of FMPPHs! *flounce*
by bekitty May 20, 2009
Flipping the bird.

Inspired by Jay Leno, who asked actor Ryan Phillippe to give the camera his "gayest look" when Phillippe was a guest on his show. Phillippe's first acting role was as a gay teenager on the daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He refused Leno's request. Playwright Jeff Whitty then put a photo of himself flipping Leno off on his website, saying that it was his "gayest look". Blogger Melissa McEwan then asked people on her blog Shakesville to send in photos of themselves giving Leno their gayest looks. It quickly became an internet meme and has spawned a website.
I'm giving Jay Leno my gayest look.
by bekitty March 28, 2008
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