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A medical condition that affects the female gender, in which the vagina takes on an unpleasant odor and has a cheese-like discharge.
Dog, you hook up with Attie last night? Naw man, you know that bitch got the Rott-Twat! I don't want that shit on my dick, I couldn't wash it off before my baby momma get off work. That bitch would never let me take the car again.
by bejayve August 11, 2008
When an undisclosed number of homosexual men form an ass-to-face circle and release fecal matter onto the awaiting face of the men behind them. the fecal matter is then used to condition the skin and hair. Any remaining feces is used for party games like pin the tail on the donkey and bobbing for apples (except feces is used instead of apples).
Sup nigga! Where Kevin C been at?

Aw you know that skinny motha fucka went to that poo poo party at the YMCA!

Yeah that nigga love his poo poo.
by bejayve August 11, 2008
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