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14 definitions by beedub

Threat suggesting that the enemy should leave or be quite. The enemy may take the advice (see punked) or disregard the advice (see toe to toe or fight).
"I've got a bat with your name on it. Best for you to back the fuck up."
by Beedub January 31, 2004
Slang or slurr for "what you".
Sup homes. Wuchu doing?
by Beedub February 15, 2004
applying only to short haircuts - hair to extends down the nape of the neck below the hairline but above the shirt collar.
You need a haircut. Your neckbang is out of control.
by BeeDub April 01, 2013
Eyedea and Abilities newest CD which was released in March 2004! Consists of 14 tracks:
1. Reintroducing
2. Now
3. Kept
4. Exhausted Love
5. Star Destroyer
6. Paradise
7. One Twenty
8. Man vs Ape
9. Get Along
10. Two Men and a Lady
11. E&A Day
12. Act Right
13. Glass
14. Glass
Did you get that new E & A CD? Eyedea just keeps on elevating!
by Beedub May 16, 2004
A potato, mashed into a softer substance.
Reference to your brain on drugs.
Yo you fuck! I'll turn your brains into mashed potatoes!
by Beedub February 15, 2004
First album dropped by rap artist, Eminem.
I like that first song on the Slim Shady LP!
by Beedub September 08, 2003
A kickass ska band best known for their song "She Hates Ska."
Vocal and trombone - Rick
Saxophone - Nick
Ibanez Bass - Ross
Dynasty Mellophone & Guitar - Lee
Drums - Pearl

Name originates from the name of their friend's dog, Kodos, who they actually made win a high school election. I Voted For Kodos is what was written on stickers handed out after Kodos won.
"If I ever asked her to skank she probably think I called her one."
by Beedub April 20, 2004