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A women who has the ability to continuously inhale air into their vaginal cavity and infuse the air with violent toxins with the ability to eliminate ear infections in many cattle. The side effects are including but not limited to: severe discharge from all orifices, excrement of third stomach, release of male organs into female petulance causing extreme irritation to the hind quarters. It is not proscribed by doctors in the United States for obvious insurance purposes, that is all. Peace to the Jews of Babylon.
"If your mom wasn't such a Queef Hoarder, Jesus never would have had to multiply so many fish and loaves of bread."

"Man i was outta there faster than a cow in a queef hoarder's tampon!"

"There wasn't enough queef hoarder's this year Slim, your mother couldn't maintain the family thresh hold in the south."

"To sustain the well-being of the human existence, the FFA demanded a draft of queef hoarders to dissolve the contraband of bovid mammals to the U.S."
by beckmd August 16, 2009

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