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2 definitions by bebekunta

Pronounced 'cha-pe deh'. Some times pronounced 'eh-cha-pe deh'.

1. In Indonesian, literally, 'tired'.
2. For use in slang, it used to imply that if a joke is not funny, or
3. Said when we feel fed up by something.
1. I just ran 3 kilometers non-stop, cape deh!
2. A: Hey, what's green and has four wheels?
B: Dunno, what is it?
A: Grass, I lied about the wheels. Hahahahaha! Lollerskates...
B: Wadefak, cape deh...
3. Dude, I just failed my Math test. Cape deh...
by bebekunta March 13, 2008
the other way to say 'fuck'.
I want to ethyl butane Laura.
You're so ethylbutaning freak!
by bebekunta March 27, 2008