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2 definitions by bebejarvis

A person who has many friends from many groups and circles, who always tries to please them all at the same time and desperately tries to keep them all seperate because they insist, which inevitably and consistently results in some disaster that said person is sure to be blamed for, yet has nothing to do with anything.
Monica: Pheobe is at the coffee shop with Joey and Chandler, regardless of their feud with Ross. I mean, doesn't she have any loyalty to my brother!
Rachel: Pheobe is such a Friend Whore. I'm not listening to her Smelly Cat song anymore!
by bebejarvis April 13, 2010
A friend who is great and fun at a distance, like in another state or on an online networking site like facebook. But not quite as much great fun when up close and personal, like in your every day life, or over for diner with your family.
I have an old friend online whose jokes keep me laughing, and has good advice. But she lives so far away, it seems she'll never get to meet my family! She'll have to be a Monet Friend.

I was so excited to run into an old neighbor until I saw her social networking page. She seems to be hookin these days. She got demoted to Monet Friend and won't be invited for diner anytime soon!!
by bebejarvis March 03, 2010