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2 definitions by beavster

when your fuckin a girl so good she begins to have an orgasm and while in orgasm she farts allover the mans ballsack..
dude i fucked this bitch so hard lastnight she farted all over my nuts when she had an orgasm...i cant believe she gave me the windy gasm
by beavster November 25, 2010
when you tell a gril that you love her just to fuck her...in the final moments of the guy squirting jiz all over his partners face...the man them screamsloud as possible.youve just been punked bitch. i hate you your a whore.then donkey punches her in the face until she cries.
hey bro do u remember that girl that broke your heart? well i fucked her all up i gave ashton love moment...she cried like a little bitch....
by beavster November 26, 2010