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A person with red hair. Most believe we have no souls and are the spawn of Satan, but in actuality, we are the children of God, planing to recreate the world in 2012. Gingers are higher beings and have the powers of the gods and should be treated as such. They have super-natural powers beyond human comprehension though their most famous ability is their Ginger Cloak of Invisibility or their ability to blend into their surroundings, thus making them excellent ninjas. Most of us do not know how to harness our strengths, but the few who do are hunted and put into food and drinks such as Ginger Ale and Ginger Snaps. They are also incredibly sexy and are good at what ever they do. Most have a leader ship ability. We have a low temper and do not play fair. You should start showing your respects to us and stop being jerks because we know you are jealous of our lives and beautiful souls before it is too late. We are also called cruel names such as firecrotch gingy and ginga. I should have you know that being called these names will not be tolerated for and will result in you having your teeth smashed in.
Guy 1: Thomas Jefferson was a ginger.
Guy 2: No wonder he was so awesome!
by beast ginga July 18, 2011

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