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The act of taking a baby wipe and cleaning the asshole out before anal sex. You put the baby around your finger clean the anus and when you pull it out you have a dirty ghost on your finger
Yo Bro i put it in Cindy's butt but before I did I made sure I dirty ghost her
by beanzzzzzz August 28, 2010
rich spoiled cunt whose had life handed to her on a sliver platter.She gets stuffed by different dudes every night and sleeps in all day.Would definitely have sex with Pauly D from the jersey shore if given the chance is usually always carried to bed every night and never knows what she did the night before. That's a dirty girl
Yo u see Nicole wow i cant believe she drunk again. Yea yo i heard John the Doorman carried her in last night Word what a piggy princess
by beanzzzzzz August 29, 2010
to herb someone up , to bitch them up, to make them your bitch, for a woman to make her man look like a bitch in front of her friends,straight g just like 2 PAC would do
yo u see the way Sophia told that nigga to get her cupcakes from the store it was mad late at night and he just ran and did. Hell ya Rob got straight pac ed
by beanzzzzzz August 29, 2010
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