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2 definitions by beaneeboy

(noun) a bad game of basketball. So when both teams are playing so bad they aren't making any baskets but instead just bouncing the ball back and forth up and down the court.
Michael: Hey how was the game?

Jordan: Terrible I felt like I was watching a game of nigga ping-pong
by beaneeboy January 27, 2011
9 1
When a cow (preferably from kansas) is entered into a judging contest. Upon judging the judge inspects deeply into the cows rectum. Once feeling thus rectum he begins performing oral sex (to the sounds of hall and oats). Once the cow cums the judge spits into the cows now loose rectum only for the judge, thus completing the Kansas Creamery.
Ari: How'd ur cow do in the contest

Bean: It won first prize (wink, wink)

Ari: So it got the kansas creamery?

Phil: yea i was there and daniel was the judge.
by beaneeboy January 31, 2011
2 7