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1 definition by beachside

Main Entry: shot out
Pronunciation: \ˈshät\ˈau̇t\
Function: Adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sceot ūt, scot; akin to Old High German scuz ūz, Old Norse skot shot, Old English scēotan
Date: 20th century

1: to describe unconventional behavior

2; v: the sum of unpleasant physiological effects following heavy consumption of drugs, particularly alcoholic beverages.

3;adj: outspoken or expressed without reserve

4, to describe an unruly or deterioration of an object
1- a "Your friend is shot out for stealing your boyfriend." b "That was shot out for her to cancel."

2- a "After last call at the club, I am feeling shot out this morning." b "He was so shot out after he started doing drugs."

3- a "You are shot out after getting in that guys face." b "I was acting shot out after my food was made wrong".

4- a "That house is shot out and needs to condemned." b Your truck is shot out with all the dents and rust."
by beachside October 30, 2008
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