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A country that was founded by racist conservative Christians.

People living in Mericuh are referred to as Mericans. Mericans are known for Freedomin' lovin', buhr drankin', invading countries of brown people that did not provoke them in years.

See also: Toby Keith, Kid Rock, Hannah Montana
Mericuh! Fuck yeah!
by bdamage November 18, 2010
The act of tossing your baby in the air and the baby shits all over you because they are scared.
Dad: "Honey! I was throwing the baby up and down when it shit on me!"

Mom: "Aw she is playing Poopsie Daisy with you!"
by bdamage October 06, 2010
Short for "Try Harder Faggot".

Person 2: "THF"
by bdamage November 07, 2010
Stands for Blow Me While I Jerk You Off
Chris made fun of my mom so I told him to BMWIJYO.
by bdamage November 26, 2010

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