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The greatest continent on the plant.

There is Canada with worlds greatest weed and some of the most laid back care free people in the world. The winters are cold, the summers are warm, and you dont have to ever worry about owning a gun. With less people than the state of California, this country has it all.

There is the United States the greatest neighbour a country could have. Paranoid and gun toting, these people are willing to put there ass on the line to protect what we all fought for together. Although they have a slight superiority complex, they are willing to ensure their own freedoms and the freedoms of their friends.

Then there is Mexico, where Canadians and Americans go for cheap liquor, loose women and to get the hell away from all this bullshit.

While these families may bicker, they would gladly put their asses on the line time and time again to look out for each others interests. When the world is out of oil, gas and fresh water, these countries will be bailing everyones asses out with their technologies, and in Mexico's case, their liquor incase nothing works.
I am from North America, I can take one pound of BC bud walk across the boarder and get one pound of coke.

I am from North America, although i may not always agree with what my neighbours say, i will defend to the death their right to say it.
by bcbudman December 09, 2004

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