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Born on January 11, 1997, Cody posted a few videos of himself singing on Youtube and was later discovered in 2009 by Shawn Campbell of Atlantic Records. He later moved from Australia, where he is originally from, to LA in the summer of 2010 & is currently working on his first album, which will be coming out September 20th, of 2011. He has two younger siblings, Alli & Tom, and his parents are named Angie and Brad. He is rumored to be crushing on Grace Dixon, a 14 year old girl from Oklahoma. He calls his fans, his "Angles." Why? "Because that's just what they are." - Cody. He is super sexy, and has a twitter. @TheCodySimpson.
what a sexy beast! Who is he? He can sing!
Oh, that's just Cody Simpson!

Who's that guy? He is soo FLYYY
I don't know, but his name must be Cody!
by bc13lovr July 29, 2011

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