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an actress who worked hard to get were she is. Has an album out and stars in the hit television show The Suite Life of Zac and Cody, also in a hit television Disney Chanel movie, High School Musical. She has her own Youtube chanel. Very lovely, funny, sweet, loyal and hard working. People bash on her because the news about Pais Hilton getting out of jail and Lindsey Lohan doing her thing is getting too old so they now want to pick on people who are sweet and have nothing wrong with them such as Paula Abdul.

Ashley is a great performer, has a unique voice people get singing and voice mixed up and she is a very amazing entertainer. her sitcom role is very believeable.. which makes her a good actress. also plays a good role as Sharpay in the movie HSM.

has a great sence of style, fashion&hair. she is also an amazing role model. very laid back jersey girl.
ASHLEY TISDALE CAN'T SING! what a bad performance. omg how is she a role model? omgzz i have no one to pick on so i'll bash on ashley haha. im kewl because i call ashley talentless and ugly when i cant really judge people because i think everyone HAS to act like angelina jolie or HAS to sing like christina aguilera
EVERYONE who is famous should be PERFECT because i like to watch thier life because im stuck in a misrible life. i stink. OH WAIT! but if they are perfect i call them fake. i just cant make up my mind. they should be like ME! oh wait, then they'd suck really bad at life. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


by bbyg June 28, 2007

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