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Blake Bliss is a Canadian youtuber who does silly and random videos, as well as some songs. Blake is a very friendly, silly, nice, etc. He calls his fans 'pandas'. Unfortunately, Blake is a very unknown youtuber who deserves to be more known. Every Monday, he does a You Now which he calls 'music monday' where he performs various songs of his and talks with the viewers. It makes Mondays worth looking forward to.
Person 1: Did you see Blake Bliss's You Now on the 22nd of April?
Person 2: Yes! We kept on distracting him because we love him.
by BBPanda April 24, 2013
When one or a group has the need to celebrate an event or accomplishment but has recently celebrated in the form of alcohol consumption and finds it necessary to have a relaxed celebration, ie "chill".
Yeah man, last weekend was a little crazy, but like since I got in William and Mary we needa chillibrate this weekend.

Chillibrate for our liverates.
by bbpanda November 30, 2011

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